Picture this, you're out in the mountains enjoying some scenery and you stumble upon a moose. At first, you think "oh how cool is this, a moose in the wild" but then things take a turn for the worse, and the moose goes from a docile giant just enjoying a snack of grass and leaves and decides to turn and charge toward you.

Yeah, that would suck especially considering that an average adult male moose weighs around 800 pounds and can reach speeds of around 35 mph. So if you're instinct is to run, good luck with that.

This man, who was in Clear Creek County was out exploring when this exact incident occurred but thanks to his quick thinking, he's able to live and tell his story.

As the moose went from calm and relaxed to stressed and charging in a matter of a split second, the man ducked behind a tree where the moose rammed it instead of him saving him some broken bones and probably worse.

Check this out.

Pretty fast right? Moose attacks have increased over the years here in Colorado thanks to conservation efforts which is nice but at the same time, can put a person in serious danger if you happen to stumble upon one.

Speaking of which, here's a little video that goes into detail on what to do (or better yet what not to do if you ever encounter a moose)

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