I knew I was in a heap of trouble when my mom would grab the wooden spoons and she wasn't cooking.

I still have nightmares about my mom's wooden spoons. Thank goodness my brother was the one that got caught more often than I did.

Mother's Day is this weekend and I must say they deserve their own day because they have some serious talent when it comes to letting you know when you're busted.

They don't even have to speak at times. They can just give you "that look," you know the one.

When I asked each of you on Facebook how you knew your mom was mad and that you were in trouble I felt a little anxiety come over me .... haha.

Like this comment from Robyn Hoyt:

I told Robyn I would have taken off. I was such a big baby and terrified to get the belt. I can hear that leather belt now.

This was one from Jackie Bradley made me laugh because my brother tried the same thing.

My mom ended buying a new set of wooden spoons then hid them from us.

Finding them later when moving like Jackie's family brings back great memories and something to laugh about now.

I feel like getting my brother the tee-shirt that Damon Strong posted. "Wooden Spoon Survivor."

Here's a few more I thought were a riot. Something to talk about over a Mother's Day Brunch:

One of the favorites that I read:

That's because I do this as a mom and my kids still laugh at me because of it.

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