This is what made me nervous about visiting Mexico just a few months ago. What if I test positive down there and cannot return home. Well luckily my resort offered to test for COVID-19, and if you were positive you could stay for free for two weeks to quarantine. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for one Colorado springs mom according to Fox 21 News.

Jennifer Owens left for vacation on Monday, March 22nd for Mexico and expected to fly home Tuesday, March 30th. Four days prior to her flight she tested negative for COVID-19, but when she took the mandatory test to fly home that is when she tested positive.

What Is Jennifer Owens Doing With Her Additional Time in Mexico

You would think extra time in Mexico would be great, but unfortunately, after testing positive for COVID-19, Owens her friend and two youngest kids are all in quarantine and cannot visit the resort pool just 40 feet from their door. Also, each time she visits the doctor for testing it's an additional $200.

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Jennifer Owens Has to Be Approved by the Mexican Government to Fly Home

In the U.S. you have to isolate for 10 days after symptoms appear, but in Mexico, they are telling residents to isolate for 14 days after testing positive. Being in their country, it doesn't matter what the U.S. says, you have to follow Mexico's rules. At this point, Owens and her travel companions are scheduled to fly home today at noon. If she cannot board the plane she will be paying out of pocket for accommodations.

So, if you're traveling anytime soon make sure you know the rules on COVID-19 before you leave.

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