This Colorado marmot went on the ultimate adventure which ended with a trip home in a private plane. Here's what happened when a marmot from Colorado showed up in Arizona.

A yearling female marmot, Fork, decided that she wanted to do some traveling. Somehow, this marmot from Gothic, Colorado made its way all the way to Mesa, Arizona, which is right outside of Phoenix.

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This is a nearly 12-hour drive and one amazing trek for a small but mighty marmot. Residents began calling Arizona Game and Fish about a 'land beaver' they spotted, according to Crested Butte News.

No one really knows how this Colorado marmot made her way from Colorado to Arizona. Although, marmots are known for crawling under cars and hitching rides, which makes for one impressive trip for Fork.

Fork the Colorado marmot had a great time on her adventure, but it was time for her to return to her home in Colorado. This marmot was sent back to Colorado in style - via a private plane.

Fork traveled from Mesa, Arizona to Gothic, Colorado where you can find the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, on a private plane. The Colorado marmot was accompanied by Sharon Lashway from Arizona Game and Fish.

The marmot momager, Daniel T. Blumstein at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, is interested to see if Fork the marmot will stick around or take off on another adventure.

You can see a picture of Fork the Colorado marmot who went on the ultimate adventure that ended with a trip on a private plane, here.

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