A Colorado man saved a 5-week-old kitten that was frozen to a truck tire in Commerce City on Monday. Now the Colorado man plans to adopt the kitten.

We need more people in the world like this guy. A man found a kitten with its paws and tail froze to a tire on Monday in Commerce City. The poor little kitten was hanging off the side of a tire on a semi-trailer, according to KDVR.

The Colorado man knew that he couldn't just leave the 5-week-old kitten there, frozen to a trailer, so he sprung into action. The man climbed underneath the semi-trailer to gently help the kitten get unstuck, without hurting her. The Colorado man knew that she was in pain as is and didn't want to make it worse.

He decided to warm the poor little kitty's paws and tail by splashing warm water on her, according to KDVR. The Colorado man did this slowly while trying to keep her as dry and warm as he could, which ended up taking almost 20 minutes to free her from the tire.

The man took her to The Dumb Friends League, who said that the 5-week-old kitten is healthy with just minor injuries to her tail and paws. The kitten will remain at The Dumb Friends League for a few days and then go to a foster home until she's 8 weeks old. Once she's ready for adoption, the man who saved her has decided to adopt her.

According to KDVR, if the man didn't save her, the kitten probably wouldn't have made it through the night. We are so thankful for this man who went out of his way to save this kitten and now will have a forever friend because of it.

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