A Colorado man has just been sentenced to nearly half a century behind bars following a long history of criminal activity including opening fire on police officers on two separate occasions.

Who is the Colorado Man That Was Just Sentenced?

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The Colorado man who will be spending nearly half a century behind bars for numerous crimes has been identified as Randy Bishop of Colorado Springs.

While it seems that Bishop had been in trouble with the law prior to the multiple incidents that resulted in him firing shots at police officers, the first incident that really added weight to his rap sheet came in 2019.

What Did the Colorado Man Do to Get Sentenced to So Much Jail Time?

While it doesn't appear that Bishop ever actually committed murder, he certainly came entirely too close.

Bishop was in police custody back in November of 2019 while being treated at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

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Bishop ended up escaping from the hospital during his visit by stealing an officer's firearm before firing shots at the officer who, luckily, did not make contact. However, the officer did experience minor injuries as a result of the altercation. Bishop then stole a car and fled the scene.

Bishop had another run-in with police a couple of months later when he was pulled over. After pulling over to the side of the road, the fugitive shot at police once again before fleeing the scene.

What's Going to Happen to the Colorado Man?

Bishop recently appeared in court where it has been reported that he did feel remorse for his crimes. However, he will be serving a long prison sentence as he will be spending the next 48 years behind bars.


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