Colorado's first winter storm shut down I-70 a few times over the February 21 weekend due to an overload of automobile accidents and dangerous road conditions. When Shea Bramer and I left for Denver at 5 am on Saturday morning, we expected a rough trip. To our pleasant surprise, the Colorado DOT had it handled.

We expected I-70 Eastbound to look like this.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

This is an actual photo Shea took of our trip.

Dave Bradley-Photo

CDOT was absolutely on top of things this weekend, and our drive was smooth and easy. We made it to Denver and back to Grand Junction much faster than we anticipated.Luckily, the hotel allowed us check in at 10 am, we expected to get there sometime after lunch.

While some areas and backroad passes in Colorado might be more dangerous, CDOT seems to be on top of I-70 and are doing an excellent job keeping us all as safe as possible.

If you're travelling you can always check out up-to-date road condition on, they have road cameras and all.

Did you drive I-70 this last weekend? What was your experience?