You never know what you'll see when it comes to the weather in Colorado. Recently a gigantic dust devil just hit Pueblo, and now it's a snow devil in Idaho Springs.

This snow devil was spotted in Idaho Springs on Thursday, April 11. You can see the video of the snow devil/snowado here.

It literally looks as if there is a tornado of snow whipping through the mountains in Idaho Springs. the snownado whips around and round until it looks like it's getting smaller and smaller.

This video looks unreal, I just can't believe some of the things that happen here in Colorado. Colorado is truly crazy.

According to Weather Nation, his snowado/snow devil happened because of the air above the ground was cooler than the surface below. This rising air creates this swirling cyclone of snow, making the snowado.

From dust devils to snow devils, you never really know what you're going to see here in Colorado. See the video for the snow devil/snownado here or watch it below.

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