There are a few critters on the loose in Colorado making things harder on the land. It figures these creatures would be a bunch of insects. Worse off, they are not even supposed to be here.

While smashing these bugs might be somewhat satisfying, we really do not encourage you to go running around terrorizing bugs. It would probably be a much better idea to report the sighting instead. Find out which bugs to watch for below, and what to do if you spot them.

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Colorado's 7 Most Invasive Insects

The insects below have found their way to Colorado from all over the world. They include the Asian Gypsy Moth, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, European Cherry Fruit Fly, European Gypsy Moth, Khapra Beetle, as well as the Spotted Lanternfly. None of them are native to our state.

How Do These Critters Get Here?

Many of these insects hitch a ride to the states on ships and on shipping containers. Once they arrive, some of them can fly long distances and pretty much make it to any state they wish.

What Should You Do If You See These Insects?

The insects damage the land and water and cost the people of the state money. They can threaten public health and damage infrastructure. You can report sighting an invasive species of insect to Colorado Parks and Wildlife anytime by visiting their website to file a report.

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