A Colorado official is facing the music after being indicted on several charges concerning fraud and election tampering by a Colorado grand jury.

According to a report from 9 News, Tina Peters, the Mesa County clerk, has officially been indicted on 10 criminal charges stemming from the 2020 election.

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Who is Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters?

Tina Peters was elected as the Mesa County Clerk back in 2018, but just three years later was removed from her position after being accused of election tampering.

What Charges is Tina Peters Facing in Colorado?

Tina Peters is facing the following 10 criminal charges consisting of 7 felony counts, and three misdemeanors:

  • three counts of attempting to influence a public servant,
  • two counts of conspiracy to commit attempting to influence a public servant,
  • criminal impersonation
  • conspiracy to commit impersonation,
  • identity theft,
  • first-degree official misconduct,
  • violation of duty, and
  • failing to comply with the secretary of state

Why is Tina Peters Facing Election Tampering Charges?

Peters is accused of orchestrating a plan to allow an unauthorized man into a secure election meeting where the man was given access to county passwords and was able to copy hard drives of Mesa County voting machines.

Peters also allegedly recorded software updates to the voting machines. Like others around the country, Peters believed the fake news cries of a rigged election from former President Trump.

Unfortunately for Tina, the only rigging of election machines in Mesa County seems to have been done by herself with the aid of other far-right conspiracists.

Tina is now looking at a maximum penalty of 28 years in jail and $2.7 million in fines. Not to mention a long list of other suits and investigations concerning Peters, such as an FBI investigation on wire fraud.

A warrant for Peters arrest has been issued.

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