Halloween is just around the corner (believe it or not). And, speaking of believing things, there are actually a handful of Colorado hotels — besides The Stanley Hotel —  where you can go stay with spirits and have a paranormal experience.

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Horror writer Stephen King (and Jack Nicholson) made Estes Parks' Stanley Hotel a world-famous destination for travelers and ghost hunters alike, who what to put a little spooky in their stay. But, Colorado has a deep history in its mining towns, making yesteryear's bars, brothels, theaters — and even crime-of-passion murder scenes —  into modern-day hotels.

'On the main floor, a notable ghost named Bobbie dates back to at least WWII. The story goes that she was a nurse at the naval hospital during the war, and was allegedly killed by a jealous lover and officer stationed at the hotel. The rumor is, they were shipped out to cover up their crimes, but the story was leaked by local hospital workers.' - Hotel Colorado

Some are pricier, like Denver's Brown Palace Hotel and the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, while others come at more of a bargain through Airbnb, like The Black Monarch of Victor. But all reportedly have a rich paranormal presence.

This Halloween, book a stay at one of these haunted hotels... if you dare. Or stay home, binge on trick-or-treat candy, and watch The Shining again. Up to you.

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