A seemingly normal situation became unsafe quickly for a Colorado mom unloading groceries with her toddler.

According to a report from Fox 31 in Denver, Tesia Britt, an Aurora resident, found a crack pipe in her Walmart grocery delivery.

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Grocery Delivery Is Supposed to Make Things Simpler

When curbside grocery pickup and grocery delivery rolled out, many people were overjoyed at the new convenience.

You no longer had to fight long lines at congested grocery stores and the ability to save time is amazing. All in all, taking physical grocery shopping off your list is supposed to make things simpler.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case recently for Tesia Britt.

Colorado Mom Thinks Walmart Mishandled Situation

Tesia Britt immediately reported to Walmart that she had found a crack pipe in her groceries next to a container of pineapple juice in her grocery delivery.

Britt stated to the DailyMail that she has not received a direct apology from the company and that the manager she spoke to," promised her that the driver would face 'disciplinary action' but they did not specify what that would be."

Tesia also says that Walmart told her they would refund her money for the order and also send her a gift card for an unknown amount.

"I haven’t heard anything from Walmart and honestly I don’t think they were planning on doing anything until I reached out to Fox 31 Problem Solvers," Tesia told the DailyMail.

"I should have never had to experience finding a crack pipe in my groceries….and honestly they treating this whole situation like it’s just a messed up grocery order and it’s bigger than that," she further told DailyMail.

Tesia says she has yet to receive the gift card.

How Walmart Handled the Crack Pipe Situation

Walmart issued the following statement to FOX 31 regarding the crack pipe situation:

We strive to provide every customer with a positive delivery experience. While uncommon, we take customer complaints like this very seriously.

Upon learning of what happened, we immediately deactivated the third-party driver and encourage any customer who encounters anything unsatisfactory to reach out to customer care.

The company has yet to state anything further on the matter.

Is it time for Walmart to re-evaluate how they handle deliveries with 3rd party drivers?

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