If you're looking to do something crazy that you're friends have probably never tried before head to a small town in Colorado for Gator wrestling.

Located in Mosca, Colorado is Colorado Gators Reptile Park, the only place in the world with a class on wrestling alligators.

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Colorado Gators Reptile Park

Back in 1977, Erwin Young began raising fish at his farm and soon encountered a problem. With lots of fish can come lots of fish waste, so Erwin decided to counter that issue by purchasing 100 alligators from Florida.

Of course, 100 alligators in Colorado are not the kind of wildlife that are commonly seen, and soon people wanted to take a peek at these gators.

Young decided to give the people what they wanted and opened Colorado Gators Reptile Park in 1990.

The park proved to be extremely popular and even turned into a kind of sanctuary for animals like pythons, turtles, and crocodiles who had been abandoned or forfeited by their owners.

Learn to Wrestle Gators In Colorado

For the low price of $100 you too can learn how to wrestle a gator! Terrifying? Yes! Thrilling? Most likely!

There's no safety equipment, muzzles, or even tranquilizers to assist you while you wrestle these gators. You will, however, have an instructor beside you, teaching you the ropes - or uh, lack of?

Of course, you'll start small with gators about 2-feet long, but don't let their small size fool you, they're still vicious with teeth than can easily take a finger from you. After you conquer the 2-footers you'll work your way all the way up to nabbing an 8-footer.

Gator Wrestling Isn't Just Fun and Games

You might be thinking that gator wrestling is cruel, but the purpose of wrestling these gators is just the opposite.

Alligators commonly get into fights and injure themselves in the process. In order to treat the wounded gators, they have to be captured first. Once the gator is caught, antibiotic ointment and medication are applied to the gator's wounds.

Without the constant doctoring of these gators, they could develop an infection and die. The gators are hand caught to avoid using other instruments that could further injure them.

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