A food truck based in Colorado was recently stolen and authorities have reason to believe that the perpetrators may have taken it across state lines into Wyoming.

A food truck previously based in Jefferson County, Colorado, which is located in the Denver Metro area, was recently stolen. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, according to a report, has reason to believe that the people that stole the food truck may have driven it across state lines from Jefferson County north of Colorado where it was originally based into the state of Wyoming, which is where they believe it to be located now.

The food truck belonged to 'Mile HI Island Grill' and the truck is plastered with their logo on each side of it. Prior to being stolen, the food truck was parked just south of the Denver metro area at 7782 Euclid Place in the suburb of Littleton, Colorado, and contained a considerable amount of commercial cooking equipment inside of the truck.

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Authorities are urging anyone who may see the truck to contact them in hopes of returning the truck to its rightful owners so that they can continue to run their business, get their property back, and put the thieves to justice.

The authorities are also providing a way for those who have any information about the stolen food truck to remain anonymous via the Metro Denver Crime Stoppers phone number at (720) 913-7867 (STOP)

Another way to report a sighting of this stolen vehicle is to contact investigator T. Williams at twilliams@jeffco.us.


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