One of the toughest parts about getting a new dog is finding the right name for them. Sometimes you have one picked out before you even meet your new furry family member. Other times it might take you a day or two to figure out their new name based on the pup's personality.

If you are in need of inspiration for a new name for your new dog this year, The Daily Wag has released the most popular dog names in 2023 in every state.

Take a look at the most popular dog names for Colorado dogs:

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When picking your dog's new name, you should keep their name short. Think of one or two syllables. According to PetHelpful, a short name like "Max" will help get your puppy's attention faster.

And if scales weigh bigger than fur in your heart, check out these babes ready for adoption.

These Are the 10 Most Popular Dog Names in Colorado for 2023

Getting a new dog in 2023? Take a look at these most popular dog names in the state of Colorado in 2023 for inspiration.

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