It's always nice to hear a story about hard-working employees being taken care of by their employer. The story is gaining traction online that not only employees here in Colorado but all 90,000 Delta Air Lines employees are receiving a bonus of two months' pay.

The big airline company turned a big profit any they decided to pass a large portion of that on to their employees. According to 9news Delta Air Lines earned $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter by operating more flights and filling a higher percentage of seats. The increase in profit is 8% compared to a year prior.

Delta raked in 47 billion dollars in 2019 so they aren't exactly hurting for money right now. But I still love the fact that they took part of their profits to share with their employees that work hard every day creating a good customer service experience for their customers.

The Delta CEO said in an event earlier this week this is the sixth year in a row that they've paid out more than $1 billion in profit sharing.

It really is a breath of fresh air to hear of employers giving back to their employees. So many companies just take that profit and share it among the corporate or executive team. But hearing stories like this make me want to fly with Delta Air Lines the next time I'm booking a flight out of Colorado.

Way to go Delta Air Lines, way to set an example for other big companies to follow.

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