It's hard to believe, but this poor animal from Colorado is going to be okay. What happened?

Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers are aware of this deer's health issues and are continuing to monitor its condition.

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Colorado Parks & Wildlife Receiving Calls From Concerned Citizens

According to a post on their official Facebook page, Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers have received calls from the public concerning this deer. Their Facebook post states the "warty" growths are in fact cutaneous fibromas caused by a virus.

Uh oh, somebody is using big words. What are cutaneous fibromas? says:

Cutaneous fibromas, a.k.a deer warts, are hairless wart-like nodules found on the skin of white-tailed deer, most commonly on the head, neck, and shoulders. They can be numerous and clumped or singular and widely distributed. The fibromas are caused by a virus thought to be transmitted through biting insects or direct contact. Fibromas typically do not cause any problems for white-tailed deer, but in rare cases they can interfere with sight, breathing, eating, and walking or cause secondary bacterial infections. The virus cannot be spread to domestic livestock or humans.

How About Some Good News

Colorado Parks & Wildlife adds although unsightly, the growths are not serious. Their Facebook page states, "The deer is walking around fine, eating fresh green-up and acting like a deer."

What's the Prognosis?

Colorado Parks & Wildlife reports most fibromas will ultimately regress and heal completely. On the plus side, once the growths are healed, this dear will have a lifelong resistance to infections by the virus.

In the Meantime...

Officers have checked in on the animal to determine its mobility and ability to eat and drink. Until such time as the deer has healed, Colorado Parks & Wildlife will "let the deer be" while continuing to monitor its condition.

It appears that even though this deer is currently experiencing a difficult time, all should turn out well in the end.

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