If you feel like you're being watched, it might be one of these are Colorado creepers, Look at how these Colorado elk are severely stalking these bison in Genesee.

The elk herd smell something delicious and they can't contain themselves. They're hungry and something just smells too good to pass up.

They follow the smell and get as close as they can. The scrumptious smell is coming from food and the bison are eating it. The elk surround them, calling all their friends to come and join.

The Genesee bison continue to chow down, daring the stalkers to step closer. The elk wonder what's their next move and look at each other to decide.

These elk in Genesee have caught onto the bison's dinner time. I'm certain the bison know they've got lots of stalkers, but it seems like they don't care. They are all huddled up, munching down on whatever deliciousness that was fed to them.

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