I learned something new about an area of Fruita, Colorado just south of the river this weekend. While checking out the trails that lead back to Cowboy Hat Tower I learned that the Kodel Trails along 340 started out as a housing development.

The K1 to K 8 trails to Kodel Canyon are what is left of a housing project that never actually materialized. These trails are the leftover roads cut out for big trucks and heavy equipment once ready to build a neighborhood. They are now popular trails for hiking, dog-walking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

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Where is Cowboy Hat Tower in Fruita, Colorado?

Cowboy Hat Tower sits on the edge of the Devils Canyon Trail System near the end of a trail called Kodel 1 which is part of the Kodel Canyon Trail System. Kodel Canyon sits right next to Devils Canyon in an area surrounded by the Colorado National Monument and the McInnis Canyon Conservation Area.

Which Hiking Trails Go Near Colorado's Cowboy Hat Tower?

Cowboy Hat Tower can be accessed from a number of ways including Kodel 1, the Devils Canyon Trail to K1, or the Kodel 8 Trail. Taking the entire K1 route is a really nice walk if you have the time. It's steep in a couple of places but generally a pretty easy trip through the canyon.

See Photos from Two Routes to Cowboy Hat Tower Near Devils Canyon

Scroll through the photos below that show off the path to the Cowboy Hat Tower from both sides of the trail. We walked from K1 to the Devils Trail Parking Area then back again to show you some views from either direction. Giddyup, Cowboy!

K1 and Devils Trail: The Hike to Cowboy Hat Tower in Fruita Colorado

The Devils Trail System features a number of incredible hikes with unique features along the way. Make your way over to Kodel 1 to find the rock formation known as Cowboy Hat Tower.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

KEEP GOING: A Walkthrough of Colorado's Beautiful Palisade Rim Trail

Get south of the Colorado River in Palisade and head down G Road/ Highway 6 to the Palisade Rim Trail. Scroll through the photos below to get a look at the trail and the incredible view near the top.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

PHOTOS: The Hike Into Beautiful Echo Canyon at the Colorado National Monument

Located just off the Devil's Kitchen trails system, you'll find the path to the incredible Echo Canyon. This beautiful trail sends you up and over several smooth rocks before descending down into a beautiful box canyon that sometimes hides a waterfall.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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