A former mining town in Montrose County has been transformed into an art-focused retreat, attracting more visitors and talented artists to the rural, southwestern Colorado community.

The British Columbian mining company, Vanadium Corporation, initially established the rural area in 1942, to house engineers working at a nearby uranium mill.

In 2017, the 120-acre property along the river was purchased with the vision of bringing the historic grounds back to life.

The former mining town located at Ee 26 Road in Vancorum is now known as Camp V. This boutique camp incorporates history, art, architecture, design, outdoor recreation, and unique spaces into a one-of-a-kind experience for its visitors.

Camp V offers a variety of accommodation options to guests who are staying there. Visitors are more than welcome to bring their own tents, and there are designated camping sites along the river and up on a hill. There are also places to park RVs. For more of a glamping experience, the retreat also has 14 luxury cabins, stylish jupes, airstreams, lotus bell onion tents, and stylish safari tents. All of these dwellings are adorably decorated and cozy as can be.

Art is a huge aspect of what makes Camp V such a special place. Artists get to inspire others through their work and guests get to enjoy it as much as they want during their stay. Some of the permanent pieces on-site include an electric daisy display, an incredible wind chapel that was inspired by an installation at Burning Man, and an entire immersive art zone.

A rustic water tank was preserved and is now used for sound baths, concerts, mediations, and more. The acoustics from inside the tank are mesmerizing.

Besides the camping part, there are tons of hiking trails to explore nearby. The remote desert setting allows for amazing stargazing at nighttime. There's also a refreshing pond on the grounds, perfect for swimming and fishing.

Camp V even offers pre-planned packages to take it easy and take the thinking part out for travelers. "Stargazing and Snuggles" and the "Get Outside" package are just two of the options to choose from.

The dream to revitalize this region has helped to bring people together and has only just begun. More is the works for Camp V that will only add to its individuality.

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