Does it want to rent out a unit? Is looking for food? Just wanted to pop in and say howdy? Wanted to scare the crap out of people? Maybe a little of all of the above?

Well, I'm not 100% positive but I'm pretty sure that some cookies that were left out were the culprit, and honestly, who can blame the bear for wanting some cookies.

The Lodge at Steamboat, a condo office in Steamboat Springs recently after a back door was left open where the scent of freshly baked cookies lofted through and caught the bear's attention, and quite honestly, who can blame the bear?

Silly peeps, you don't leave doors wide open with all kinds of yummy smells lofting through in the middle of bear country, especially during the season when the bears are just waking up from their winter slumber and mighty hungry and cranky at times.

Thankfully this bear was pretty chill, just on a cookie hunt.

According to Steamboat Springs Police commander, Annette Dopplick, she said the bear was first spotted on the second floor of the building and was also seen in an elevator and possibly a locker room before leaving on its own through a double door.

A couple of things here, always do your best to not leave doors wide open, especially in the middle of the bear country when you have something yummy like fresh baked cookies laying around. Bears can smell things from miles away and when it comes to cookies, that's one thing that humans and bears have in common, they're simply irresistible.

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