Some people dream of being professional athletes, some dream of being professional sportscasters, and some just want to wear wacky costumes and act goofy during sports games.

Well, if you happen to fall into the third category, you might be in luck as one of Colorado's newest sports teams, the Rocky Mountain Vibes, is currently hiring for a new mascot actor.

What is Colorado's Rocky Mountain Vibes?

The Rocky Mountain Vibes is an independent baseball team based in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the Pioneer League, which is the same league that teams like the Grand Junction Rockies and Nothern Colorado Owlz are in.

The Rocky Mountain Vibes is a fairly young team, having been established in 2019, and plays home games at UCHealth Park at 4385 Tuff Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

How Do I Become Colorado's Newest Sports Mascot?

While the team has had actors that suit up to play the Rocky Mountain Vibes' mascot, affectionately known as 'Toasty,' it would appear that they are currently looking for someone new.

Toasty is a personified s'more in sunglasses with flames for hair and, according to the job listing, is just under six feet tall

In fact, according to the job listing, the ideal height of a Toasty actor is 5'7" to 5'10" with an outgoing personality, clean record, and experience in being a mascot or similar roles such as an actor or cheerleader.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in you can check out all of the requirements and apply for the job now here.

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