Racing fans from all over the United States know about the legendary Bandimere Speedway. In fact, some of the fastest cars on the face of the earth have sped down the track on the Hogback over the course of 65 years.

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All good things must come to an end and at the end of the 2023 racing season, Bandimere Speedway on Thunder Mountain in Morrison, Colorado will shut down forever.  On Friday, April 21, John Bandimere Jr. took to Facebook to break the closure news.

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Surrounding development has become more prevalent in the past several years and once again, our family is prepared to surrender the location we have called home for six decades. Truly, the mission and vision of the facility have not changed over the years. The place has never been ours, it belongs to God. Keeping that in perspective over the years has given the family not only the honor of running a business with integrity, tradition, and dedication but also the realization to hold it lightly knowing that we would not have it forever.

Bandimere goes on to say that the family has been proactive over the past several years to locate another possible location where a new facility can be established. Below, you can see the announcement video from John Bandimere Jr. on the impending closure of Bandimere Speedway called "Surrender The Mountain".

Banidmere Speedway was established by John Bandimere Sr. in 1958. The quarter-mile drag strip is 5,800 feet above sea level and is sanctioned by the NHRA. Banidemere Speedway hosts more than 130 events each season with 1,700 registered racers and 30,000 unique competitors.

It is truly sad to see a legendary racetrack leave this location. Many memories by those that enjoy the thrill of racing have spent many nights at Banidmere Speedway. I am sure that if you are like me, you will be making time this year to go to Bandimere Speedway one last time before the track's closure at the end of the season this year.

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