It's winter in Colorado and the threat of avalanches has been on the increase ever since December 1st of last year.

Over the weekend, a couple and their dog got swept away by a snow slide that happened near North Star Mountain on Hoosier Pass. You can read more about that story by clicking the button below.

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The Worst Avalanches in Colorado Happened During the Gold Rush

Some of the worst avalanches on record go back to a time when there were a lot of people living and working up in the mountains. If a mine was active when an avalanche occurred, chances are they saw fatalities. When Colorado put tons of money into improving mountain roads, that also increased the number of people who came in contact with a potential avalanche.

Colorado's 15 Worst Avalanches Ranked By Fatalities

While no avalanche has ever come over the mountain to bury the city of Denver in snow, the same thing on a smaller scale has happened many times. A mining town with 4 or 5 structures has been blown off the map more than once by snow and ice falling down a mountain.

Scroll on to see the deadliest snow slides on record here in Colorado, and even some links to some very cool old newspapers that gave us first-hand accounts of the carnage. After we get done ranking the avalanches, we'll also show you which Colorado mines are still open and offer tours along with a chance to find gold!

The 15 Deadliest Avalanches in Colorado History

Take a look at the snowslides that caused the largest number of fatalities in Colorado, many of which date back to the state's gold mining era.

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KEEP GOING: Colorado's Strongest Wind Gusts on Record Over 25 Years

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