There's no doubt that no matter where you are in Colorado, you're bound to experience cold temperatures in the wintertime. In fact, the coldest town in the United States' lower 48 states is the small town of Fraser, Colorado.

Located Deep in the Rockies

Fraser, Colorado is located north of I-70 along Highway 40, about halfway between the interstate and Granby near Winter Park in Grand County. It became an incorporated town in 1953 and is home to about 1400 people.

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Fraser Has Its Charms

Despite having such a cold climate, especially in the winter, Fraser definitely has a lot to offer as a cute, sometimes quirky, small mountain town. Upon making a trip through Fraser one can expect to see numerous murals, plenty of places to grab a bite and a drink, along with magnificent views of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Leave your boots and coat in the closet and take a virtual tour of Fraser, Colorado:

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