There is a multitude of jobs in Colorado for those looking to join the construction field.

According to a press release from the Civil Construction Academy, the Colorado Contractors Association has launched a new no-cost school to train Colorado residents who are looking to go into construction.

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Colorado Continues to Grow Rapidly

Colorado is growing in numbers, not only by population but by houses and businesses too. In order to support this growth new roads and highways, buildings, homes, and business spaces need to be built.

The only problem is that Colorado is facing a shortage when it comes to construction workers.

"It is no secret that the construction industry is still struggling to train and replace a new generation of the workforce. The Civil Construction Academy will support the construction industry's hiring efforts to expose more people to the opportunities available in construction," commented Tony Milo, Executive Director of CCA.

The Root of the Colorado Construction Workforce Shortage

According to the report, the construction workforce in Colorado was 3,000 jobs short at the end of 2021 from pre-pandemic levels.

The previous generations of the construction workforce are retiring, this wave is being called the "silver tsunami", but unfortunately, the current generations have not been able to fill those jobs.

Solution Proposed to Aid Colorado Construction Workforce Shortage

In an effort to fill the numerous construction positions that are open across Colorado, an entry-level construction training program has been created.

The program is being called the Civil Construction Academy and residents of Colorado can join at no cost.

The Civil Construction Academy will train job-seekers for 6 weeks online and in person. At the end of the program, a hiring fair will be held giving participants the chance to gain employment right away.

The first Civil Construction Academy is taking place in Centennial starting October 10 and is set to expand throughout Colorado in 2023.

Interested individuals can register at

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