CIFIKA may be only two years into her career, but the South Korean musician is diving in headfirst. After releasing her lauded debut EP, INTELLIGENTSIA, in 2016, the electro-pop artist kept making waves with collaborations with DUVV and jayvito ("OOH AH OOH") and Oh Hyuk ("MOMOM"). Now, the 27-year-old vocalist/producer is gearing up to release her sophomore EP, PRISM—and PopCrush is excited to give you the exclusive first listen.

"This EP is called PRISM because it showcases the many different colors of the single light that we see, and I wanted that to be the medium for the people when they hear my music," CIFIKA explains. "Once you listen to the entire EP, you will easily figure out the different colors of each track, which were created all by myself."

Listen to the kaleidoscopic six-song collection and read CIFIKA's personal track-by-track commentary, below:

"Prosper": I have considered myself as a gatekeeper for the world that I have created and have included my compassion to prosper in the world I created.

"Good Luck From Her": I wanted to describe the world of imagination as full of luck, which also gave me real hope for the world that I am aiming for.

"Pieta": I wrote this song during the saddest season of my life, and it basically talks about my hesitance; repeating the life cycle of being free from me; and emptiness after all of my trying.

"Mal": I wanted to be transparent about who I am. I really wanted to have the listener hear who I am exactly right now. Also, it demonstrates the feelings of worry of showing my true self to the ones that I love.

"Best For You": I wanted to show the complexity of pride, struggle and love about the hope that I want to know more about the person that I am in love with.

"Water": This song starts with a positive vibe [and] bright lyrics. It almost seems like the person is in the water swimming peacefully, but realizing that it is just a dream and waking up, noticing the pool that he/she was swimming in was actually the pool that was created by their tears.

CIFIKA embarked on the longest North American tour ever for a Korean act earlier this month. You can find a full list of tour dates here.

PRISM is out March 8 via Third Culture Kids.

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