Have you ever seen a singing Christmas tree? How about a 67 foot singing tree? This is how you get into the holiday spirit for sure!

We have all seen a choir perform over the Holidays. The Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree The Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree take Christmas to a whole new level!

The show combines the usual elements into an unusual show that will draw thousands of spectators. According to the Associated Press the 67-foot-tall tree features 25,000 lights, 5,000 linear feet of greenery, and 15 tiers on which about 220 choir members stand. About 50 other students sing from positions near the base of the tree.

This towering steel tree is decorated with garland, twinkling lights ... and hundreds of teenagers from bottom to top. The Freshmen are relegated to the bottom of the tree, then the sophomores and juniors fill up the middle of the tree. The Seniors get the coolest part...the upper levels. The very top of the tree is the "Tree Angel" and that is a Senior selected by the director of the High School Choir.