Setting "screen-time limits" on iPads and computers is now a commonly debated topic between children and parents. Although items such as smartphones, tablets, and computers tend to entertain children easily, are we to blame children for his or her claimed laziness?

A recently introduced app called iPotty, is used by many tech savvy parents who praise iPotty for taking over one of the most dreaded parenting duties. That's right, iPotty is an app designed to potty-train toddlers.

Dependencies on technology are seen not only by children, but also by parents who use technology to babysit, educate, and even train children how to use a toilet. In a study released by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 98.5 percent of children watch TV daily, while 91 percent of children use the computer each day, outside of school.

It's no argument that technology is a double edged sword. It has the ability to teach children valuable lessons such as math, reading and writing, but it also has the potential to rob kids of experiencing life beyond the computer screen and hinders them of making face-to-face social connections.

Is it time we stop blaming the victims of this technology induced epidemic and start holding parents responsible for the "laziness" of today's children?

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