Local Grocery Stores Hiring Like Crazy
Have you been to City Market lately? If you visit a Colorado City Market or King Soopers between now and Saturday afternoon, you'll see people signing up for something at a table near the front door. What are they doing?
Three 'Fire' Related Jobs Available Right Now With City of GJ
It probably comes as no surprise the City of Grand Junction is currently hiring for positions in the fire prevention field. Colorado fires have been top headlines for months now. Are you ready for a new career?
The City of Grand Junction's official webpage currently lists three job openings rela…
Grand Junction Hiring for 'Parks Patrol' Right Now
Earlier today I saw several Parks Patrol officers cruising around Grand Junction's City Hall. Suddenly, I remembered the city recruits new employees every summer. After a quick check, it turns out the City of Grand Junction is hiring for the Parks Patrol right now...

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