I know from firsthand experience that Northern Colorado loves a good scavenger hunt. You listen - or read, in this case - link, and follow the clues to find and win your fair share of cold hard cash. We've done some version of that contest together dozens and dozens of times over the course of my 23 years on the radio here.

Well, a couple of guys in Utah are doing the same thing, but not for a radio contest or any reason other than good old fashioned fun. In fact, this is now the fourth annual 'treasure hunt' they've done - all stemming from boredom during the pandemic.

They are Dave Cline and John Maxim, and they created "Utah Treasure Hunts" back in 2020. They self funded the adventures up until this year, and have hidden a treasure chest somewhere in the Salt Lake area worth $25,000 to the person - or people - who find it.

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They give a series of clues with a poem, then add hints along the way, until someone finds it. And the current one has been one waiting out there for someone to find for the last five weeks, with nobody yet coming up victorious.

The clues for the current treasure hunt are wrapped up in this poem:

Begin your search where time was transcendent
Crack open the books they’re interdependent
Lift up your eyes and look for the mark
Hike to the tree that stands without bark
Pass the grain tower that looks out to the west
Not more than an hour you’ll know by its crest
Look down at your map to not wander with thirst
Remember two less than on top of the first
You’ll know you’re close where it’s time to frown
What points towards heaven but is upside down?
Get off the road at the airplane without wings
Search from the shoulder and fortune it will bring

They've also added a bunch of insight into the poem and additional hints for how to find the money across their Instagram pages and their website.

You can find more details about them and their current treasure hunt on their website - UtahTreasureHunts.com.

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