A Colorado Springs fast food restaurant is quickly gaining popularity and not for its food, but its terrible drive-thru. Now, it could be an equal mix of bad drivers and the poor layout of the drive-thru that has quickly gained this place its infamy.

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Captain D's Seafood Kitchen located at the corner of East Filmore Street and Illinois Avenue has a three-foot drop off to the right of the drive-thru. Captain D's customers are supposed to go to the left when exiting, but some bad drivers decide to try and take a shortcut and end up having their vehicles stuck on the concrete barrier.

A Facebook group called Captian D's Drive-Thru Survivors started on August 14, 2021, has gained over 1,000 followers in three short days. Facebook users have posted photos of the unlucky cars that have met their match at Captain D's.

When going to the page, you will see that this isn't just a one-off event, numerous people have attempted to make this shortcut and it doesn't end well for the driver.

KRDO reported on the reoccurring incident at the drive-thru at Captian D's and reported that two separate vehicles fell off the tall curb on Sunday. Colorado Springs residents around the area say this has been a common incident for more than a decade.

White signs with 'EXIT' and arrows pointing to the left in red are visible in the drive-thru, but as many realize, some drivers are just plain oblivious.  Most of the vehicles stuck on the tall concrete curb at Captain D's have to be removed by a tow truck.

See the newscast of the infamous Captain D's Curb in Colorado Springs from KRDO.

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