We have additional information regarding this incident from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office:

A rollover accident on I-70 at the Beaver Trail tunnel turned into a carjacking situation early this (Tuesday, Feb. 18) morning.

A good samaritan, seeing the accident had stopped to help the person who was in the vehicle and when he did, two people took the person's car.

As the person continued to help the person involved in the rollover crash, the pair, a man and a woman who stole his car were headed into Grand Junction.

The pair then was involved in a wreck on 30 Road and Patterson causing injury to the man involved in the theft. The woman, however, was nowhere to be found and now the Grand Junction Police Department is searching for her. It is, however, unknown at this time if she was injured.

As there is still a suspect at large, this is an ongoing case.

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