We heard rumors a while back that Captain Marvel would make her big screen debut in Avengers 2 before getting her own solo film in a few years, but then heard this was no longer the case. Now, according to a source who has been right about this kind of stuff before, Marvel has secretly cast their Carol Danvers and has plans to introduce her very soon.


The scoop comes to us via Latino Review, who make it clear that all of this is totally unconfirmed, but it does back up rumors that started swirling last year. It seems that the big plan (and if you don’t want to hear minor spoilers, skip the next paragraph now) is to introduce Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers at the end of Avengers 2 as a member of a new team of heroes recruited by Captain America.

Let’s say Marvel has found their Captain Marvel. And let’s say that they have cast her with an actress that a lot of people love and will recognize. It would be kind of cool for her casting to be announced by a secret cameo in Avengers 2 instead of a press release.

El Mayimbe dropped a few more tidbits that will prove enticing to comic fans. He says that Marvel already has the skeleton of a story for the Captain Marvel solo movie and are currently searching for a writer. Apparently, acclaimed comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, whose current run with the character has been received positively by fans, is after the job but hasn’t snagged it yet. He also says that Jim Starlin, one of the most famous Marvel writers of all time, is on board the Captain Marvel movie as a consultant.

Previously, Jessica Chastain has said that she had discussions with Marvel about “aligning [their] forces” on an upcoming movie, leading many to speculate she was in talks for the Captain Marvel role. Another fan favorite, Emily Blunt, told us that she'd be very excited to play Carol Danvers after having to drop out of the Black Widow role.

Avengers 2 is set to open on May 1 and Captain Marvel is scheduled to arrive on July 6, 2018.

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