BTS landed the infamous cover of Paper magazine's "Break the Internet" issue.

The group's members — Jin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jimin and Jungkook — sat down for an interview as well, in which they discussed everything from their loyal ARMY to the struggles of living together and the pressure to be perfect.

“Seven men with different values living together was not easy,” Suga explained. “It was difficult for all of us to focus our thoughts on one single point, but looking back, they are all good memories.”

“There was a time when we fought each other quite a bit because we all came from different backgrounds and our personalities were so different,” J-Hope added. “But we were able to overcome that after frequently talking to each other and living together for a long time. We now know what each of us are thinking just by looking at each other.”

RM then opened up about maintaining a certain image for their fans and why it's so important for him to do well. "It would be untruthful if I said there was no pressure," he said. "Still, on stage I want to do really well."

Suga agreed with his BTS bandmate, adding, "I would not be telling the truth if I said there’s no pressure. But what can you do? Pressure is also one part of life."

"I can’t say we don’t [feel pressure]. These days, I feel like I live with a sense of mission," J-Hope also admitted. "Rather than thinking, 'It has to be perfect!' I do what I have to do, making sure I remember the really important and fundamental things and trust that the results will follow."

You can check out BTS colorful Paper cover, below.

Paper magazine's #BreakTheInternet issue hits newsstands later this week.

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