All seven members of BTS — Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook — have finally made their solo debuts on Instagram.

The superstar music group boasts more than 55 million followers and nearly 1,000 posts on their official group Instagram. Now their fans can keep up with the individual members of BTS via their own verified accounts on the app.

They unveiled their pages shortly after their management company BigHit Music announced the members would be taking an "official extended period of rest" after completing their current performance schedule. This marks their first vacation since 2019.

"BTS stayed active in order to engage with fans in 2020 and 2021 amidst the COVID-19 situation, and achieved dazzling results to cement themselves as top global artists," a statement shared on Twitter reads. "This period of rest will provide the members of BTS who have tirelessly committed themselves to their actives, a chance to get re-inspired and recharge with creative energy."

Check out the full statement below.

A "new chapter" is on the horizon, with plans for a concert and new album. The concert is expected to take place in Seoul in March 2022.

Although Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook are taking time off to rest and recharge, fans will now hopefully be able to keep up to date with them on Instagram.

Read on to learn more about each member's account, including their individual handles, bios, first posts, follower counts and more.


RM's handle on Instagram is @rkive. He has 18.3 million followers but only follows seven accounts. Who are they? The remaining members of BTS and the official BTS account, of course! His bio is simple but direct: "just an archive." @rkive, archive... Very clever!

So far, RM has been the most active on the app. At the time of publishing, his account has six updates on his grid. His first is of a peaceful seascape, which hopefully means that he's already getting some rest and relaxation in.


Jungkook's handle on Instagram is @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz. He currently has 19.6 million followers. Just like RM, he follows the remaining members of the group and the official BTS account. His bio is even simpler: "BTS."

So far, Jungkook has only shared two updates to his grid, the first being a stunning photo of a beach sunset. He's also shared several updates on his story and has them archived. Based on a glance at the "scenery" archive, it seems as though the sunset was taken on a beach in Santa Monica, Calif.


Jin's handle on Instagram is really easy to remember; it's just @jin! He currently has 18.6 million followers. In the style of his fellow members, he only follows 7 accounts — his bandmates and the BTS account. The hit-maker's bio is also simple but direct: "Jin of bts from BIGHIT MUSIC."

There are currently three posts up on his page. The first is an adorable photo of him posing in a "Permission To Dance" shirt with his hair in pigtails. Although comments have been limited on the member's pages, you'll notice that they have already written messages to one another on several posts.


Suga's handle on Instagram is @agustd, and he has 18.4 million followers. He currently only follows seven accounts. Any guesses on which? If you guessed his bandmates and the BTS account, you're very much correct. His bio is also similar to Jin's: "SUGA of BTS from BIGHIT MUSIC."

So far he's posted two updates to his grid. The first was a simple red square. Based on a translation of the caption (which is in Korean), it reads, "Instagram is too hard." His bandmates were quick to offer some support in the comments, though, and it looks like Suga is getting the hang of it. His second post hopefully went up more smoothly.


J-Hope's handle on Instagram is @uarmyhope, which is both clever and sweet. He currently has 18.3 million followers and is keeping up with the rest of the band and the official BTS account. His is one of the few BTS member accounts without a bio currently.

The musician has gotten four posts up so far, and he's already established a pretty unique aesthetic. His first post was a gorgeous sunset accompanied by a tender caption: "I'm your hope @uarmyhope."


Jimin's handle on Instagram is @j.m. He has 19 million followers and follows the rest of his BTS brothers and the official group account. Like J-Hope, he doesn't have a bio.

So far he's gotten two posts up. The first was a black-and-white photo that received more than 13 million likes. His second shared a message of love for his fans in the caption.


V's handle on Instagram is @thv. He currently has the most followers with 20.7 million keeping up with his account. Just like the rest of BTS, he keeps up with seven accounts. He also doesn't have a bio at the moment.

The superstar's first post on the app was of a strange skeleton. A social media translation of the caption claims it reads, "Baby Dinosaur Dooly." Since then, three more posts have gone up including his most recent, including an adorable photo of his dog.

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