Donald Trump isn't the only one with a wall that has people in a tizzy.

And while Trump's wall is nothing more than a campaign promise at this time, this one is all too real and all too infuriating.

Arron Bevin posted this picture of a brick wall on Facebook earlier this week, calling it "one of the best optical illusion Iv [sic] seen."

So, what is it? Go ahead and take a good, long, hard look. We'll share the answer below:

Are your eyes glazing over yet? Are you busy trying to find an image of the Statue of Liberty? Well, don't. Here's the answer: it's a cigar wedged between two bricks. That's it. To be fair, it may not be an "optical illusion" in the traditional sense, since it's something in plain sight. Still, it's pretty wild trying to catch something right in front of our very eyes.

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