A woman in her 50's ended up in the hospital with serious injuries after confronting a young bull moose on Saturday.

You would think after hearing report after report about how people should not approach moose, people would catch on to the danger.

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, according to the Denver Post, this woman near Breckenridge was trying to get a moose away from some folks' car so that they could exit their vehicle.

The woman was 'shooing' the animal and got too close; the moose trampled her in the confrontation.

Officials with the Department of Wildlife arrived to find that the moose was still lingering in the area. They shot and killed the moose, as it's their policy that if an animal shows aggression, it's likely to happen again.

According to the Denver Post and the Department of Wildlife, if you want to get a moose to leave the area, bang some pots and pans (make some noise) and give the moose plenty of room to leave the area.

Get more on the incident from the Denver Post.

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