The Breckenridge Troll has become so popular, neighbors say it's too popular. The troll attracts so many people, it's causing problems in the neighborhood.

Isak Heartstone, aka the Breckenridge Troll, is an awesome 15-foot wooden troll who lives on the Wellington Trail. This troll is made up completely of reclaimed wood and is certainly a site to see.

The Breckenridge troll has become so popular, he attracts 'literally hundreds' of people a day. According to the Summit Daily, here are some of the problems that come with the troll's celebrity status:

Aside from the heavy foot and vehicle traffic, the homeowners say troll hunters have been getting lost in the neighborhood, circling and parking illegally, sometimes blocking driveway and preventing the homeowners from getting to work.

Some homeowners are hoping the town moves the Breckenridge troll, but I think it's a bit extreme. Things can be implemented such as 'No Parking' signage, marking parking areas and making sure people know where to go to find the troll versus moving the troll.

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