A Breckenridge resident had a very unwelcome houseguest earlier this week when a massive moose became trapped in the basement of their home.

Around 3:30 p.m. on Monday (Jan.10), Colorado Parks and Wildlife received a call that a moose had somehow gotten itself stuck inside the bottom level of a house located on Ski Hill Road.

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Once wildlife officers arrived on the scene, they did some investigating to determine how the large animal ended up where it did. CPW discovered that the moose had been grazing near the Summit County home when it stepped on a snow-covered window well and fell down into the basement.

In an attempt to get the moose to exit the basement on its own, wildlife officers opened several doors throughout the home. However, doing so was unsuccessful since the animal wouldn't go up the stairs which is where the doors were.

At this point, CPW had no other choice but to tranquilize the moose. Officers also cut the antlers off of the animal, so it could be taken up the home’s stairs and reduce further damage to the dwelling. This was perfectly okay to do since moose typically lose their antlers during this time of year and grow new a new set in the spring anyway.

With the help of Breckenridge Police, Blue River Police, and the Red, White & Blue Fire and EMS, CPW officers carried the massive mammal up the staircase. The moose was then released back into its natural habitat.

The moose appeared to have a small cut on its leg but was otherwise uninjured during the event.

CPW shares more information about living with moose in Colorado here.

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