Bears are waking up across Colorado and they are hungry and ready to eat. This bear in Breckenridge destroyed a Subaru to eat the delicious treats inside -- gummy bears.

Whenever Cate Sigel's went to leave for work recently, she found her 2014 Subaru Forrester totally ruined. Everything from the seats, to the door panels to the trunk, is completely torn up.

There was trash and tracks going through the neighborhood that lead to Cate's car. These were bear tracks. It turns out that no one can resist gummy bears, including bears.

This Breckenridge bear destroyed Cate's car while trying to get to the gummy bears that were in a gift basket. The gift basket was from an event that was just the night before, according to CBS Denver.

The bear even managed to open the garage door with the garage door opener. Thankfully, Cate has just taken out the trash so there was no damage to their garage.

Cate says that she and her family usually always lock up their trash and their cars, but not this time. Cate said that she's learned her lesson and I'm sure the bear was happy to stumble upon (and destroy a Subaru while its at it) these gummy bears.

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