It's late, a little too late to have a full meal. So you know what that means right? Midnight snacks!

Of course, everyone has that certain midnight snack that they seem to crave. I think it's time for me to share what I hide in my midnight snack drawer.



Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me what kind of chocolate it is. If it is late at night I will devour anything that is chocolatey. Just something about the power of chocolate that makes me fall asleep after I eat it.



Fruits are not only good for you, they also cure your late night snacking needs. My absolute favorite fruit for late night snacking has to be Palisade peaches. There is just something about the sweetness of the peach that makes me happy and ready for sleep.



Come on, who doesn't love that salty crunch when you can't fall asleep. I know it's one of my favorite midnight snacks. The best kind to eat late at night has to be BBQ. It doesn't matter what the brand of chip is either. That flavor puts you in a BBQ food coma that late at night. Just be careful they aren't the quietest snack in the bunch.

Ice Cream


Ice Cream is a tasty treat that I can eat by the gallon. I'm not even kidding you, I have eaten it by the gallon. Instead of me eating my ice cream right after dinner, I wait until everyone is asleep. That way I can load my bowl up with some mint chocolate chip and not feel guilty that I'm eating ice cream in bed.

Milk & Cookies


I'm not the only one who still snacks away on this ultimate late night classic snack food. With milk & cookies, you can never go wrong. I have a tie between Oreos and peanut butter cookies. Sometimes when I have had a rough day I'll eat them both and be happy, If I have milk in the jug this is my surefire snack.

Is there any type of snack food that you like to eat when you can't sleep? If it's not on my favorites I will be sure to try it!