Unlike places with extremely hot summers like Southern California or Arizona, you don't see a lot of homes in Colorado with outdoor swimming pools. However, when you do, the homeowner is typically pretty well off financially.

On that topic, a unique real estate listing for a massive house in Colorado shows exactly this scenario but as you might guess, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Gorgeous Colorado Home with Lap Pool + Show Garage

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The home we're going to check out is located just outside of Boulder, Colorado at 335 Lee Hill Drive. This area is way up in the hills outside of the famous college town and the property encompasses 4.9 of these beautiful acres.

Built in 2007, the home has four bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 8,701 square feet of living space, and is currently listed for $12,750,000.

While the interior of the massive home is nothing short of impressive, it's what you'll find outside of the living space that makes it truly unique.

As you'll see below, the property's backyard features a 100-foot long stone deck which leads to a 90-foot lap pool. Surrounding the pool is a pristine lawn, trees, a barbecue area, and more.

The home has a three-car garage for your daily drivers as well as a separate six-car garage specifically built for show cars.

While the home is absolutely stunning during the day, it really shines at night, as you'll also see below.

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