Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas is selling a hot dog that just might cripple your heart...and your wallet.

The stadium is home to the ‘Boomstick,’ a $26 frankfurter that features so much food you’d think it could appear on ‘Doomsday Preppers.’ It's the latest in a growing tradition of stadium food clearly designed to shorten your life span.

The Boomstick, which is named after the bat used by Rangers star Nelson Cruz, is so loaded it should be on the New York Yankees payroll: it's an all-beef hot dog covered in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions on a potato bun. It checks in at two-feet long and weighs three pounds. Basically, it’s so big that if it was a baseball player, it would be accused of being on steroids.

About 20,000 Boomsticks were sold in 2012, enough for half a million dollars in sales, not to mention a handful of cardiograms.

The Boomstick is the tip of the obesity iceberg that its massive weight can probably sink. At Rangers Ballpark, you can also purchase a 24-ounce hamburger for $26, as well as a two-foot sausage that will set you back $26, a two-foot pretzel ($13) and a two-foot quesadilla ($26) covered in brisket and Doritos. No one can say for certain, but it almost sounds as if Rangers Ballpark is trying to create a whole new food group in which calories are the most important ingredient.

If they’re so keen on making the cuisine at the stadium bigger, let’s just hope they’re going to do the same with the stalls. It'll make everyone happier.

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