The Museum of Colorado Prisons which is located in Cañon City has rich, malignant history. In light of Halloween, I had to share with you one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever heard of.

Eek. Reading about some of the inmates that are featured at the Museum is enough to make your skin crawl.

Over a 140 exhibits are featured in this once dark, cold facility that now highlights all areas of prison life.

The Museum was once the original Women’s Correctional Facility and gives an in-depth presentation of what has come and gone.

Yet there is one exhibit that gives me chills not only thinking about it but as I write this it gets me.

Alferd Griner Packer was a repulsive human who served in the Union Army in the American Civil War in 1862. He was honorably discharged not even a year later due to epilepsy.

That’s not the bone-chilling story about Alferd though. Alferd Packer began working for a mining company in Colorado and he had confessed to killing his mining crew and eating them. Yes, Packer admitted to cannibalism in 1874 to his unit in the mountains during a bitterly cold winter.

Back in the day when Alferd Packer was sentenced it considered one of the harshest sentences in U.S. History. Story be told that Packer haunts many areas, especially where he was held in prison.

If you want to get goose-bumps and learn about real-life creepy stories like Alferd’s take a trip to the Museum of Colorado Prisons to learn about the gruesome stories recorded in Colorado.

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