If you’ve played Pokemon Go at all recently, than you know two things: Your battery dies super fast, and Lures can be your best friend. Well, here is a list of the best places in Grand Junction to drop a Pokemon Lure Module.

Sherwood Park Pavilion

The Sherwood Park Pavilion has several charging ports, and three Pokestops right in the pavilion. So if you’re playing with some friends, bring a surge protector and you can all charge your phones, while laying down three lures. You’ll be able to catch tons of Pokemon, without killing your battery.

Springhill Suites Patio

The patio of the Springhill Suites is a great place to snag a drink, while playing Pokemon Go. You can drop a lure at the statue across the street, and reap the benefits while enjoying your beverage on one of the most beautiful patios in Grand Junction. Plus, there is a charging area nearby.

Old Chicago

Old Chicago drops lures all night after 10pm. You can take advantage of their awesome late night appetizer and pizza specials, while enjoying a drink and playing Pokemon Go. Several of the seats in the bar have charge spots under the table.

Rockslide Back Patio

The Rockslide Patio is another great place to charge your phone while you drop a lure on main street, or Colorado. You can enjoy a drink, and some food, while you play Pokemon Go, without draining your phone battery.

I’m sure there are other great places to drop lures, but these were some of the best that I have found around Grand Junction.