Be bear-y aware of your surroundings because Colorado wildlife is preparing for winter.

According to a report from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a bear cub was located in a tree at a local residence in Fruita, Colorado on Monday, October 24, 2022.

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Bear Cub Chose Colorado Middle School As a Hangout

Colorado Parks and Wildlife had received reports of a bear cub hanging out around Fruita 8/9 Middle School for over a week but hadn't been able to capture him.

Perhaps the bear was looking to learn something new or more than likely, just searching for scraps left behind by students.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that,

Bears are very smart, and have great memories - once they find food, they come back for more.

CPW recommends that you bear-proof your home or business, which means getting rid of things that may be an attractant during periods of time when bears are most active.

Bear Cub Found In Fruita Tree

Looking up to find a bear in your tree would certainly be startling, but bears are known to run away or climb trees when they perceive danger or want to avoid humans.

Lower Valley Fire and the Fruita Police Department partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to retrieve this bear cub from a not-so-small tree. The bear was lowered down in a white blanket and then transferred into a cage.

The bear cub will be evaluated at a wildlife rehab center to figure out the next steps. If wildlife has become unafraid of human interaction, then it can become dangerous for the animal and people. However, a bear this young may not survive the winter without its mother.

Luckily CPW are experts in these types of situations and will determine the best course of action to keep the bear cub and residents safe.

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