Star Wars: The Force Awakens was more than just a film; it was an event, and the early ticket sales were so crazy that several websites crashed and people were trying to sell tickets on eBay at insane prices. Can Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice attract the same level of enthusiasm? If this rumor is true, then Warner Bros. seems to think so, as tickets may be going on sale for Zack Snyder’s film very soon.

A Twitter user sent out this photo to the Heroic Hollywood guys, claiming to have found this promo at his local theater, which suggests that tickets for Batman v Superman will go on sale on February 29:

A few things to consider: Yes, it’s possible that tickets will go on sale a month early, and if that date is correct for one theater, it’s likely the same for all theaters / ticketing platforms. Here’s where the skepticism comes in. That promo is on a tabletop specials board that you’d find in a restaurant, and there appears to be a set of window blinds behind it — I know a few theaters with restaurants inside, so this isn’t entirely wacky, but a big grain of salt seems appropriate right about now.

It’s a plausible rumor, but until Warner Bros. makes it official, we’ll leave it at just that.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25.

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