Fans of 'Bad' Bobby Walker have established a GoFundMe account to assist him in his battle with throat cancer.

For the better part of four decades, Bobby has earned his bread and butter playing music. With the disruption in his income, Bad Bob is in need of funds to make the expensive copays associated with chemo treatment. Friends of Bob have set up the GoFundMe account in his honor.

This last July, Bad Bob traveled to Cordova, Alaska, to headline the Salmon Jam Music Festival. At the beginning of August, he announced he would have to take a break from touring due to his health issues.

By now you've seen Bad Bob at several venues and events around Western Colorado. His tour schedule takes him all over the world, but he always finds his way to get back to Grand Junction. In recent years you've seen him performing at the Pork and Hops festival, the Mesa Theater, the Grand Junction Farmers Market, and the Downtown Arts and Jazz Festival.

Bad Bob has a long road ahead of him as he undergoes extensive chemotherapy treatments. That, combined with recovery time, has shut down his touring schedule through the end of the year.

The GoFundMe account was organized by Walker's friend and former tour companion Andy Irvine. More details can be found at Bobby Walker's Facebook page.