Putting black and gray dots on a white background doesn’t sound like a very imaginative music video concept, but the simple pixelation technique works great in B.o.B‘s latest clip for ‘Play the Guitar,’ a track featuring Andre 3000.

The video features close-ups of the B.o.B’s face, along with distant shots of someone playing a guitar. The clip also borrows techniques from lyric videos by creating words and pictures of the lyrics from the moving dots, like an image of an airplane when he raps, “Well it’s B.o.B, flyer than a stewardess / Fresh to death like I’m dressed for a eulogy.”

Andre doesn’t appear on the video, but his offbeat lyrics are creatively-animated, like when he raps, “Man, I keep havin’ this re-occurring image where I’m standing on top of Church’s Chicken playing guitar / Looked over and I see B.o.B with this strange cigar.

Surprisingly, the bouncy song was not included on B.o.B’s new album ‘Strange Clouds,’ but the single is now available on iTunes. B.o.B is currently charting with his Taylor Swift collaboration ‘Both Of Us.’

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